Como bien dice el refrán: Dios los malcría y la Física Cuántica les junta.

Esto no hay quien lo pare, la leyenda continua, la revolución avanza. Admirando el trabajo de otros.

Una Arrasadora recopilación de PUNK + HARDCORE  de los Balcanes y area Mediterranea. Un pedazo obra cortesia de un camarada de ATENAS que lleva una camiseta roja con una estrella. De paso por el planeta, ateo y apátrida, viajero autoestopista por la via lactea, pasajero clandestino en la red, portero dadaiste y ladrón de sueños….

Este es su blog. FANZINITA.   Y esto es lo que el amigo nos cuenta sobre su obra. ES SUBLIME y un doble discazo en lo musical, lleno de gritos, rabia y melodia. Algo que engrandece la palabra MUSICA. Léan:

A digital trip in regions of nationalisms and wars in times of financial crisis with solidarity serving as our passport. The Balkan neighborhood – departure and arrival of the trip – is a hardcore neighborhood, so the music cargo of this sail is hardcore in its majority.

Initially, selections were made on a geographical basis but little by little they were enriched with anarchist bands or DIY productions. Whenever possible radical anti state voices and melodies were sought – and eventually found, while aesthetic criteria were relegated to the background and Punk turned out to be the most reliable chart. Even if a couple of conventional artists slipped through the net – just for the folkloric hell of it – the underlying idea remained unswerving throughout this fantastic wandering: To get in contact with the various cultures of the “Balkan Mediterranean” and get to know their underground world.

Afterall it’s a well known fact that nationalism and racism hate cross cultural mixing and exchange; Fanzin ITA, on the other, is very happy for this sonic bastardization as well as for the prospects for solidarity that may open up through such quests and contacts.

If states, armies and politicians keep peoples apart, solidarity and cross cultural exchanges may unite them against borders, states and politicians. And just as proletarians know no homeland, creativity should not recognize borders and copyrights.

Our sailing train has Solidarity in its steer and Entropy as its compass. It flies the Pirate banner and it reads Freedom at the fore and Death to Fascism at its stern! And its crew comprises of bands who embarked from:

Greece (GR), Bulgaria (BL), Romania (RO), Albania (AL), Macedonia(MK), Kossova (KO), Italy (IT), Serbia (CS), Montenegro (ME), Croatia(HR), Slovenia (SI),

 Poland (PO), Hungary (HU), Germany (DE), France(FR), Spain (ES), Morocco (MA), Algeria (DZ), Egypt (AG), Palestine(PS), Israel (IL), Lebanon (LB),

 Cyprus (CY), Turkey (TR), Armenia(AM), Belorussia (BY), Uzbekistan (UZ), Russia (RU)..!

First Sea D:

01.  Aktivna Propaganda – Outro (SI)
02.  Ohra Spiroxeti – Albaniko (GR)
03.  Blla Blla Blla – Lugat (MK/AL)
04.  Bernays Propaganda – Anonymous Enemy (MK)
05.  Les Anarchistes [Pietro Gori] – L Estaca (IT)
06.  Hladno Pivo – Sreca (HR)
07.  Vox Populi – On je Lud (CS)
08.  Golliwog – I was made to believe (SI)
09.  Aurora – Balkan Express (HU)
10.  DST – Vatra (ME)
11.  Moskwa – Ja Wiem Ty Wiesz (PL)
12.  Freibeuter AG – Asozial (DE)
13.  Demokhratia – Legal prostitution (DZ)
14.  Puagh – No abandones (ES)
15.  Mon Côté Punk – Youssef (FR/MA)
16.  DAM – Mes Endroits (PS)
17.  Al Tasimi – Idan Hadash (EG)
18.  Detox – Surrounded by filth (LB)
19.  Phony Pony – Guess Again (IL)
20.  Nuclear Mutants – Rape (CY)
21.  Duman –  Özgürlügün Ülkesi (TR)
22.  NATO – without pants (AM)
23.  Slezy Solnsta – Bbepx No Teyehnio (UZ)
24.  Critica Radicala – Ciocolata I (RO)
25.  Milena – Otgore (BL)

Second Sea D:

01.  PMG Kolektiv – Ej! (MK)
02.  Kontrol  – Programa (BL)
03.  Gkoulagk – sarkovoro arni [Carnivorous Lamb] (GR)
04.  No Name Nation – Турбо Револуција (MK)
05.  Hosenfefer – Knife In My Back (KO/CS)
06.  Troja – Amaneti i Clown-it (KO/AL)
07.  Hitchcock – Through My Eyes (HR)
08.  Rootwater – haydamaka (PO)
09.  Les Vieilles Salopes – La nuit avec vous (FR)
10.  Kalashnikov – il risveglio dei demoni (IT)
11.  Uzbeks – Satanic Bible (IL)
12.  Kiril Dzajkovski [E.Redz.& R.Tweed] – Raise Up Your Hand (MK)
13.  Shukar Collective – malademna (RO)
14.  Aylin Aslım –  Ben Kalender Meşrebim (TR)
15.  Blla Blla Blla – Babayaro (MK/AL)
16.  Razor Bois – Straight Outta Moscow (RU)
17.  Athena – Yaylanın  Çimenine (TR)
18.  Fuck It All – Minsk City Hardcore (BY)
19.  Brigadir – Дух Oi! [Non Servium Cover] (RU)
20.  Rashit [Yukseliyor] – Atesim (TR)
21.  Kaljan Cerkov – Norodnaja (BY)
22.  Bashlachev – Время колокольчиков (RU)
23.  Xasma – I patrida moy (GR)



All material in those two compilations was sought and fished out of the world wide web. The following blogs turned out to be very interesting and useful:

* * * * 
* * *
* * * *
* * * *
* * * *
* * * *
* *

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